Samitha leads the association and brings together forum members to coordinate the 2023 forum with utmost precision. She represents the Photonics Forum at all levels, particularly among companies and sponsors.


Vice President

Reda provides support and is consulted by the president in critical decisions, offering a comprehensive perspective on the association. He collaborates with other executive members to ensure the smooth execution of tasks within each department.


Chief of staff

Mahomet oversees all administrative aspects of the Forum, including arranging meetings and tasks for each department's missions, while ensuring their progress. He is aligned with the communication department and provides support to their initiatives.



Simon formulates the association's budgetary strategy, overseeing the forum's financial portfolio. Alongside the Vice Treasurer, he manages purchasing, invoice issuance, and debt management. He also handles tax declarations and reporting.


Vice Treasurer&Goodies

Luca collaborates with the Treasurer to construct the annual budget, and he takes responsibility for sourcing the necessary communication materials and items for the event day. He also assists the Treasurer in managing outstanding debts.