Why participate in the Photonics Forum ?

Photonics Forum is an unmissable event in the photonics field. The location of l’Institut d’Optique Graduate School on the campus of the Ecole Polytechnique, as well as its proximity to other top level schools such as CentraleSupélec, l’ENS Paris-Saclay, HEC Paris and the Faculty of Orsay, make of Supoptique unique platform for interaction. During the event, you can meet students with a wide range of profiles from l’Institut d’Optique and the schools.

Therefore, the Photonics Forum will introduce you to do other students and will help you build lasting relationships with schools. It can also be an opportunity to establish contact with a student for internship, hiring or also for a thesis.

Finally, through its aim to bring together the various leaders of photonics, the Forum gives the opportunity to communicate with other companies and laboratories on site, either as an exhibitor, or as a visitor.

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