Our Job :

A prospecting member is responsible of managing and developing the Forum’s client portofolio. He/She is the privileged contact of the companies and guarantees to satisfy the request of the companies. Prospecting is divided into two parts : one dealing with companies and the other dealing with laboratories.

The prospecting manager coordinates the activities of the division and acts as an intermediary with the board members.

Companies Prospecting

Prospecting Manager :

Maimouna Diao

Mail : maimouna.diao@institutoptique.fr

Prospecting :

Flore Loiseau

Mail : flore.loiseau@institutoptique.fr

Prospecting :

Malcolm Chatony

Mail : Malcolm.chatony@institutoptique.fr

Prospecting :

Nada Mhiriga

Mail : nada.mhiriga@institutoptique.fr

Labo Prospecting

Prospecting manager :

Ilias Rami

Mail : ilias.rami@institutoptique.fr

Prospecting :

Ihssene Amane

Mail : ihssene.amane@institutoptique.fr

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